Ramen Isshin


"One Heart, One Ramen"

Our goal is to make you smile & to see joy on your faces after eating at Ramen Isshin. 

Your happiness is our happiness. 

                                                        ~ Koji Zenimaru


Ramen Isshin means One Heart One Ramen. Bringing true authentic Ramen to the city of Toronto. Our happiness is your happiness & we always want to make you smile.

We offer a variety of bowls that are very unique in flavours, textures and taste. We want you to have our "Isshin" experience and leave satisfied & always smiling!

Our signature Ramen is our Wok Fried Red Miso Ramen. Every bowl starts in the wok. A generous handful of veggies mixed with our signature blend of red & white miso, sake and other seasonings are fired up. Tonkotsu broth is added and brought to a piping hot temperature, this is then poured over a fresh bed of noodles. This process melds all the flavours perfectly together to give it that unique Isshin taste.

Offering exotic Ramen's like Tsukemen aka Dipping Ramen, our famous Black Sesame Tan Tan Noodle and our White Sesame Shio Ramen is what also set's us apart from the other shops in town. 

We also pride ourselves also on our large selection of Vegetarian Ramens as well as our awesome appetizer list.

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